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Faith Family Spotlight

Cynthia Learned about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton’s Critical Repair Program while shopping in the Springfield Restore and thought that the program could be the perfect solution to her dangerous back stairs at home. They were in such disrepair that she couldn't use them at all. So, she applied to the program and waited to see if Habitat could help her. It turned out that Habitat and Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church both came to the rescue.

Each month we will profile a local pastor, church, organization, or business that is heavily involved in the Dayton Habitat mission. This month, we talk with Knob Prairie United Church of Christ pastor, Katie Peterson-Madden.

Englewood's Concord United Methodist Church built the walls for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton's new Faith Build located in Springfield, OH.

Counting Our Blessings

Habitat supporters experience infinite blessings as we become the hands and feet of God in showing His love. This allows us to engage those around us, live out our faith and see unique opportunities to love our neighbors materialize before our eyes and in our hearts. Here is a running list highlighting some of our latest answered prayers, volunteer victories and service opportunities. 

  • Country-fied Gala

    After a three-year gap, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton recently held its “Habitat in Nashville” fundraising event at the Schuster Center in downtown Dayton. The Lord blessed our affiliate through our generous business and individual donors to the tune of over $77,000 raised. Thank you to all who attended and gave!

  • Mayor Mims Drops By

    We recently had a visit to our main Dayton office from Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims. He was given a tour of office and ReStore and came away very impressed. He was particularly interested in critical repairs, centering around leaking roofs of low-income residents.

  • Habitat Attends FLOC Meeting

    Executive Director Norm Miozzi, Volunteer Coordinator Krissy Day and Faith and Community Relations Associate Kermit Rowe met with Vandalia’s Faith Leaders of Our Community (FLOC) group, a passionate group of city and church leaders and pastors. Our topic of discussion was a possible Faith Build project in Vandalia in spring 2023.

Blessing Opportunities

There are so many ways to serve alongside Habitat’s supporters. Here are just a few of them:

*If you are interested in any of these service opportunities, call Krissy at (937) 586-0860 or click here.

  • Work on the Springfield Faith Build on West Perrin Avenue has kicked into high gear. We are praying for desperately needed volunteers to help us get this new home built for a hard-working single mother of four before the snow flies. Thrivent is our main sponsor for this build. Go to to sign up and schedule a time to volunteer. Contact Volunteer Krissy Day at or 937-965-7679 with questions.

  • But I don’t want to volunteer on a worksite

    If doing building and/or repairing is not your cup of tea, there are many other ways to help the Habitat ministry. You can volunteer at our ReStore in either Dayton or Springfield, and shifts are very flexible. Or you can be a part of our Homeowner Support Committee, which helps our first-time homeowners who make the request as they get used to being homeowner. Committee members lend guidance and support to the families as needed, with a one-year commitment.

  • A standing invitation

    Local pastors have a standing invitation to come and pray with volunteers on our worksites. If interested, just contact Pastor Kermit Rowe, Habitat’s Faith and Community Relations Associate, at 937-605-5086.

Faith Family Fixes

Faith Family Fixes has been created to present opportunities to take full or shared ownership of one of our more affordable critical repair projects, usually under $1,000. You and your church can pledge to provide the funding for the project, commit to do the repair, or do both. We will list no more than one project per county that we serve, and it will remain listed until that project has been completed. Contact Kermit Rowe at or 937-605-5086 if interested in a particular project.

  1. Clark County

    City: Springfield
    Repair: Repairing roof leak around failed chimney flashing. This would be contracted.
    Cost: $850
    Homeowner description: Working woman raising a grandson and nephew with her disabled husband, who is still in the process of getting disability payments approved. She works as a home health aide.

  2. Montgomery County

    City: Dayton
    Repair: Zeb Dill, who was injured while in Florida in the pedestrian-car accident that killed his best friend, Pastor Joel Burton, needs a temporary handicap ramp for about sixth months. Habitat has arranged with Mobility Plus to rent and install an aluminum ramp for six months for $1,650, with Miami Valley Premier Walk-in Tubs donating $1,200 of the cost. Looking for help to cover the rest of the cost.
    Cost: $450
    Homeowner description: Zeb and Joel worked together in Simple Street Ministries, which they walks the streets of Montgomery County to reach those rejected by society. They were members at Hopeland Church in Dayton, where Joel was Missions Pastor.

Faith Family Members

We are eternally thankful for our Habitat Faith Family members. We could not spread God’s love like we have been able to do all these years without you. Below is a list of our current Habitat Faith Family members. 

Become a Faith Family Member

There are so many ways you can support our mission. Your church, faith-based organization or faith-owned business can become a member of the Habitat Faith Family by supporting us in at least one of the following ways. 

  • Actively participate in and promote Habitat’s own fundraisers throughout the year.
  • Add Habitat families, volunteers, supporters, staff and its mission to your prayer list. If you’d like to be a part of an international Habitat prayer team, sign up here.
  • Provide your church or faith organization’s members with safe, enjoyable ways to be a part of one-time or ongoing community-growing service projects. Volunteer opportunities include construction sites and Habitat ReStore customer relations.
  • Give scheduled or one-time financial donations.
  • Make in-kind donations of used or new items to our two ReStore locations, in Dayton and Springfield. See for more information.
  • Organize a fundraiser with proceeds going to Habitat’s mission of providing affordable housing.
  • Refer families in your church or faith organization who are in need of affordable housing or critical repairs to Habitat.
  • Participate in Habitat Faith Build projects, in conjunction with Thrivent. One is currently ongoing in West Carrollton with another is scheduled for Springfield in spring of 2022. We've already completed two Faith Builds in Greene County over the last two years.
  • Schedule a faith group presentation by a local Habitat employee, which will explain our mission in detail and offer a Q & A opportunity.
  • Spread the word about the blessing of working with and supporting Habitat.
  • Become a Faith Family Advocate, mentoring one of our families as they navigate the challenges of life. Call Kermit Rowe (937.605.5086) if interested.

*If you are interested in finding out more about the Habitat Faith Family program, call 937-605-5086 or send an email:

How We Help Faith Family Members Grow

There are many ways working with Habitat helps its Faith Family members grow. Examples include:

  • Help local families in need become homeowners or get critical repairs performed on their homes they would not otherwise be able to afford. This shows God’s love in a very tangible way, impacting underserved neighbors in lasting, legacy-building ways.
  • The opportunity to create greater countywide unity and connections among faith groups in Clark, Greene, and Montgomery counties, undergirded by the shared belief that together we can have greater community-building impact than we ever could separately.
  • An impactful way to unify for visible projects that show the community and God’s people what they can do when they work together and publicly share a compassionate message of love.
  • A monthly “Faith Family Focus” e-newsletter, exclusively designed for and shared with members. The newsletter spreads the good news of God’s love. Included will be pastor, church, and faith organization spotlight features, top prayer concerns and answers, the latest service opportunities, and occasional guest columns.
  • Opportunities to pray with Habitat volunteers helps Faith Family members make personal connections and build lasting relationships. It also builds community and relationships within your congregation or faith organization. This can create lasting memories and friendships while attracting new and inactive members.
  • An ongoing, personal contact for the leadership of your church or faith organization with Habitat through a relationship with our Faith Family Coordinator (Pastor Kermit Rowe).

* Find out all about Habitat and it’s ecumenical mission by inviting us to come to your church or faith organization meeting and give a presentation. Call 937-605-5086 for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Our Faith Roots

Faith has been the foundation of Habitat for Humanity since its humble beginnings in 1976. : Founded by a preacher and his wife, Millard and Linda Fuller, and born within a Christian fellowship community called "Koinonia, Habitat started as one of its outreaches to its community, building a few homes for underserved families. Koinonia Farm still stands today, as a thriving ministry built around Habitat's rich history of community service and a thriving pecan farm. Locally, ours is the oldest Ohio Habitat affiliate, founded in the basement of a Montgomery County church in 1983.

Our Habitat Faith Family Mission

Unapologetically Christian and entirely ecumenical, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton seeks to partner with people of all faiths or no faith, to put God’s love into action by bringing them together in unity and diversity to build homes, communities, and hope.

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