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Ann Simms Memorial Women Build

Empowering Women to Build Better Communities

Ann Simms founded Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton’s Women Build program in the year 2000. She had volunteered on a Women Build project in Florida and knew that the women and women-owned businesses in Dayton would support such a wonderful event. Since then, our affiliate has hosted an annual Women Build utilizing a majority of women volunteers and donors to build a safe and affordable home for a local single mother. The goal of Women Build is to empower and inspire women to build better communities and to make the world a safer place for women and children.

Ann passed away in July of 2019, just shy of her 85th birthday. We are honoring Ann’s life by dedicating our 2020 Women Build in her memory to create the Ann Simms Memorial Women Build. We plan to carry on the work Ann started: to empower women and improve communities. 

The Ann Simms Memorial Women Build will kick off in early July with volunteer opportunities beginning July 8th. 

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn about the family that will benefit from the Ann Simms Memorial Women Build. 


Volunteer as an Individual 

Volunteer opportunities for the Ann Simms Memorial Women Build will begin July 8, 2020. While our Women Build focuses on women empowerment, all volunteers are welcome and encouraged to support Ann’s Build. Click here to volunteer. 

Volunteer as a Group 

Would you like to volunteer with your family, friends, or coworkers? Group volunteer days provide your friends, family, or employees with a change of pace from the everyday while offering a hand-up, not a hand-out, to a local family seeking affordable homeownership. Click here to reserve a group volunteer day.

Volunteer in Memory of a Loved One

Our Ann Simms Memorial Women Build is our way of honoring a person we miss and cared deeply for. If there is someone who has passed on in your life that your family would like to honor, consider volunteering in their name. Click here to reserve a memorial build day.

Meet Tasha

The Ann Simms Memorial Women Build will benefit single mom Tasha and her children. 

Tasha estimates that she has had to move her family over ten times in the last fifteen years. Moving so much was hard on her kids. “Just as they would get settled at a new school and start to make friends we’d have to move again. It’s hard for kids to move around that much. They didn’t have any roots,” Tasha explained. Her youngest son has lived in over ten houses. Something no mother wishes for her child.

Tasha went to school to be a Medical Assistant but that doesn’t pay as well as the manual labor factory job she currently has. She works twelve-hour days, five days a week. She is starting to feel the effects of working in manual labor for too long. She hopes that her affordable mortgage through Habitat will allow her the opportunity to change career fields and live a healthier life.

Tasha has always dreamed of owning a home but never felt it was an option for her. She applied to the Habitat program three times over the past few years. She was accepted in 2016 and has been working toward her goal ever since. Tasha stated, “I can’t wait to own my own home. To have a home that is all mine. I won’t ever have to move ever again. I am going to leave the house to my kids so when I’m gone, I’ll have something to pass down to them. I want them to have more than me.”

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