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Meet the Peytons  What is a Wall Raiser Sponsor 

Meet the Peytons

Rachel and Kevin, proud parents of three wonderful daughters, are college sweethearts. They met while attending Wilberforce University and decided to get married and start a family.

Rachel, Kevin and their daughters live in a small apartment in Xenia. The family has lived there for many years. At first, the rent was affordable and the neighborhood was safe- but that is no longer the case. Their rent has increased significantly, making it difficult to manage their bills and student loans despite the fact that both Kevin and Rachel work full-time jobs. Their once pleasant neighborhood has rapidly declined. The family often wakes to the sound of fighting outside in the middle of the night. It scares the girls who then have trouble falling back to sleep.

Rachel and Kevin desperately wanted to move to a safer and affordable place. Not only did they want to move, they wanted to become homeowners. Rachel began online research on home loans and didn’t see how her family would qualify for a traditional mortgage. They were starting to lose hope when everything changed – a friend told them about Habitat!

Rachel and Kevin were accepted into our homeownership program in June of 2017 and immediately began working towards their dream. They are half way done with their 550 hours of sweat equity and have completed most of the educational classes we require. Kevin says, “We really enjoyed the money skills class, we learned a lot about finance and budgeting.” The family will soon select a lot in Xenia where their new home will be built. Rachel and Kevin will finally be able to provide their children a safe place to live in their own affordable home. Their daughters are thrilled with the idea of moving to a house. “We’re excited to have a yard to play in, we’ve never had a yard before,” their eldest daughter, Zharia (13), relayed to us when we asked what she was most looking forward to about having a home.

The Peytons are one of 35 families in our program working towards their dream of safe and affordable housing. You can help dreams come true by being a Friend of Habitat.


What is a Wall Raiser Sponsor

Every child needs a place to call home, a place where they can play and dream and plan for their future.

Donating through Friends of Habitat at the $1000 level will make you a Wall Raiser Sponsor. $1,000 provides the materials needed to build one child’s bedroom and change their life forever. As a Wall Raiser Sponsor, your name will be written on an interior wall that will be built into a 2019 Habitat home.

Together, we will build a better world.