Charity Navigator Rating


Stand by a 4-Star Organization & Build Futures for Local Families

We were recently recognized as a four-star charity by a highly renowned charity evaluator. We were only one of nine charities in the Dayton Region to receive this rating.

Charity Navigator is an independent, nonprofit corporation that considers industry experts’ views about the way charities should operate and what best practices they should follow. The four-star rating is the highest rating a charity can receive from Charity Navigator. The rating is given to a charity only when it exceeds industry standards and outperforms other charities in its mission.

Our four star rating was based on responsibility, transparency, and financial health. To read about the criteria Charity Navigator used to rate us, please click here.

Charity Navigator’s ratings seek to improve quality and quantity of financial health information available to individuals and businesses like you who want to support us!

Charity Navigator makes charities more transparent, and should only be used by donors as a resource for additional information rather than a factor in deciding whether or not to donate.

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