“I can pass my home down to my son, Treyvon so that he may continue to have a stable home life”.
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Teanika Johnson and her family receive their keys on 11/19/2016

 Teanika Johnson is a single mother with one son. She was living in a drug and crime-infested neighborhood, and though she and other tenants complained, nothing was done to help keep them safe. After many years of the same problems, she moved to her present home, though she still has some issues with crumbling walls, bad ceiling leaks and other problems.

Teanika has a 12-year-old son named Treyvon. He is a 7th grader attending school in the DECA program with the University of Dayton. His passion is the study of robotics. He enjoys playing sports, video games, reading, eating healthy and interacting with his friends.

Teanika says she is glad Habitat’s program teaches its future homeowners the skills needed to maintain their homes, and provides opportunities to families who need it the most and push hard to get the work done. The Johnson’s are very excited to celebrate the holidays in their new home.


Family: Johnson Family

Family Members: Teanika, Treyvon (12 yrs)

Why Habitat?: Unsafe housing conditions, desire for safety for her son.

Read the Full Johnson Family Bio (PDF)