#1  Need for Housing

You may be considered for a Habitat home if your present housing is not adequate, and if you are unable to obtain adequate housing through conventional means.

Lack of adequate housing may include these problems:

  • the structure of the building
  • faulty water, electrical or sewage service systems
  • faulty heating system
  • hazardous substances
  • failure to meet city property maintenance standards


You may also meet the need for housing qualification if you are living in an overcrowded or un-affordable situation. If you are living in subsidized or transitional housing, such as Section 8, you may qualify.


#2  Ability to Pay

Since you will be buying your home from Habitat of Greater Dayton, you must demonstrate an ability to make a monthly payment. This monthly payment includes mortgage, property taxes, and insurance.


Family Income
Your annual income must fall within the range below based on your family’s size. You must have at least six months of stable income. We do include non-work related income such as child support, Social Security, etc. provided you will receive that income for the next two years.

The income levels shown were calculated using the median income levels as determined by H.U.D. for the Dayton Oh Metro area including Greene County and Miami County effective January 1, 2014.

Families must earn between 30% and 60% of the median income for the Dayton area in order to qualify for the Habitat For Humanity of Greater Dayton housing program.  Please keep in mind that this chart is used as a guideline only.  Applicants will be assessed on an individual basis.


Requirements for 1 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 2 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 3 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 4 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 5 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 6 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 7 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


Requirements for 8 person household

 Monthly IncomeAnnual Income


#3  Willingness to Partner

Once you have been selected, you become part of an amazing and exclusive group of people… you will become a partner family. Partnership involves your ongoing contribution of sweat equity. This means that each adult in your family must complete 275 volunteer hours with Habitat of Greater Dayton. You can earn hours by building Habitat homes and attending homeowner education classes. Sweat equity is an important (and fun!) way to stay involved with the construction of your house and the Habitat community.


Are you ready to begin this journey with Habitat?

If you are ready to start your path to homeownership with Habitat, here are the next steps:


  1. Complete a pre-qualifying questionnaire by calling (937) 586-0860 x21 or printing and completing the following prequalifying questionnaire and bringing it to our office at 115 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton Ohio 45405.

  2. Attend an informational meeting (usually scheduled for twice per year). You will be mailed a letter with the date and time of this meeting as well as a preliminary application. 

  3. If you are eligible to continue after the informational meeting, you will attend a second interview and provide more detailed financial information.

  4. Our Homeowner Services Department will review your application and determine if you qualify for a home visit.

  5. A home visit will be conducted to determine housing need.

  6. The Family Selection Committee will then review all information and determine if you are selected based on the three stated qualifications.

  7. If selected, families are notified of class schedule and can begin earning sweat equity hours.