Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the program take?
It takes an average of 2-3 years to fully complete the Partner Family Program.
How do I complete my sweat equity requirement if I am disabled?
Habitat can accommodate many levels of ability at our build sites. A few of our homeowners have swung hammers from a wheelchair! If your disability prevents you from being on-site, we will work with you to find suitable sweat equity alternatives.
What kinds of income are considered?
We consider wages (employed 6 months or more), Social Security and other pensions, SSI, SSD, child support, and several other forms of government support. Income must be documented, regular and verifiable to be considered. Odd jobs or payment in cash with no supporting documents cannot be accepted.
Will you run a credit check?
Yes. Credit reports offer a good look at your credit history and help us determine your debt-to-income ratio, which will affect your ability to pay. Bad credit does not necessarily disqualify you from partnership. If selected, you will be required, however, to attend credit counseling and work toward repairing any credit issues.
Do I get a house for free?
All successful partner families purchase a house from Habitat by making monthly payments on an affordable interest mortgage including escrow for taxes and insurance.  Each family’s affordable mortgage payment goes into our revolving fund which pays for the construction of homes for future partner families..
Why do you have income requirements?
Ability to pay is an important factor in our selection process. You must be able to document that you have the financial resources to pay your mortgage. We serve families at 30-60% of Montgomery County’s median income with adjustments for family size. If your income is higher, there are other homeownership options in the community for you.
Do houses come with basements and/or garages?
Habitat of Greter Dayton builds/rehabs simple, decent and affordable housing. Unless required by city ordinance for new construction or already included in a rehab property, Habitat does not include these features.
I am already a homeowner and cannot afford to repair my house. Can you help me?
We may be able to help with certain types fo repairs. Please email us at or call 937-586-0860 ex32 for more information.
I am a renter and my landlord won't repair my house or apartment. Can you help me?
We are unable to repair rental properties but you may be able to get help by calling United Way's 2-1-1 hotline. 
I need a house now. Can you help me?

For those with immediate housing needs, we recommend contacting United Way’s HelpLink™ 211. By calling HelpLink 2-1-1, you can connect with a live person 24 hours a day who will help you navigate your local nonprofit network. HelpLink 2-1-1 employees handle each phone call with personal care. These skilled workers listen to your needs, research all available service options, connect you with help, and follow-up as needed. They are specially trained to help with problem solving and crisis intervention.