volunteer faqs

The first step to volunteer is to register through our online system, Volunteer Hub. Once you are registered, you can then sign-up online for our volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering as a group, please complete the HabiTEAM Form.

In order to help us create an enjoyable volunteer experience, we request that every volunteer register online in advance. This will help our site supervisors and/or ReStore Staff to be better prepared with tools, materials, and projects for everyone

Ages 18+: May volunteer independently.
Ages 16 & 17: May volunteer at the ReStore and at a build site in a limited capacity, i.e. not permitted to participate in roofing, demolition, the use of power tools, etc.
Ages 14 & 15: May volunteer at ReStore and at a build site during landscaping and painting days which are often difficult to plan for in advance.

13 & Under: Per our liability insurance, we cannot accommodate minor volunteers under the age of 14 at our Build Sites or the ReStore. Off-site events or projects may be available. Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.org.

Please refer to our Youth Involvement page for additional information about our Minor Volunteer Policy or contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.org

The commitment is up to you! You may volunteer one time or as many times as you wish. You may come as a part of a group, and then decide that you would like to continue volunteering as an individual. We are delighted to work with you to fit your needs and schedule.

Yes we do! You can view our online safety training offered by Lockton Insurance. Your volunteer access code is W8NAEBTG. Please view the second link Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Build Site.

We utilize a fast and efficient online system called Volunteer Hub to register for events as well as complete Volunteer Information and Liability Waiver formsWhen you create a Volunteer Hub Account, you will be prompted to agree to our Adult Liability Waiver online. Minors (under age 18) should print out the Minor Liability Waiver, have it signed by a parent/guardian, and return it to the Volunteer Services Director before their first volunteer event.

If you have any questions about Volunteer Hub, please contact the Volunteer Services Director at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.org.

Footwear needs to be sturdy, closed-toe and closed-heel. Boots or sneakers are both considered appropriate footwear. Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or muddy. Please prepare for the weather by checking the forecast before you arrive at the work site and please dress appropriately for the weather. If it is sunny, please bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. If it is raining, please bring a jacket, raincoat, and/or rain boots. If it is cold, please dress in layers along with a hat, gloves and warm socks.

No tools are necessary, but if you have them you are encouraged to bring basics, such as a hammer, nail apron, tape measure, utility knife and a pencil. Please clearly label all of your tools with your name. When required, we will provide work gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses. Cold, bottled water will be available, but you may wish to bring your own supply. It’s always a good idea to wear a hat and sunscreen when working outdoors.

No specific skills are needed, just a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Habitat provides an experienced site supervisor on each build site who will provide a safety meeting, volunteer orientation, and guidance throughout the day.

At the beginning of each workday, a Habitat site supervisor will begin the morning with a safety meeting and volunteer orientation. The site supervisor will then provide instructions and guidance throughout the day to complete the various building tasks.

A ReStore Staff Member will direct you to the Volunteer Sign-In Station and show you how to check-in on the ReStore Kiosk. Once you have your ReStore smock and name tag, a ReStore Staff Member will then provide a safety meeting and volunteer orientation where specific tasks will be assigned to each volunteer.

You can log-in to Volunteer Hub and cancel your volunteer date or you may utilize the link provided in your confirmation email. *HabiTEAMS/Volunteer groups that wish to cancel their volunteer day should contact the Volunteer Services Director directly at 937-586-0860 ext. 29.

Please bring your own packed lunch/snacks to the Build Site and ReStore. Bottled water is available on-site and at the ReStore. You are encouraged to bring your own refillable water bottle, labeled with your name on it.

We have Port-o-Johns at each build site.

There is a volunteer task(s) for everyone on-site. Please inform the Habitat site supervisor if you are not comfortable with your assigned volunteer task and they will assign you a task that you feel comfortable completing for the day.

Tasks vary depending on the construction schedule and differ day-by-day.

Please contact the Volunteer Services Director at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.orgif you have a specific question regarding volunteer tasks on-site.

We are unable to accept Court-Ordered Community Service volunteers with violent, sexual, or theft charges. Court-Ordered Community Service volunteers through Montgomery County Probation and the City Of Dayton Probation may volunteer at the ReStore by contacting the Volunteer Services Director at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.org.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Services Director at 937-586-0860 Ext. 29 or at volunteer@daytonhabitat.org.