Why Donate to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton?

Support The Cause.

Are you interested in helping your community? By contributing to our organization, you are ultimately helping partner families adopt reliable housing. With your support, we can have resources readily available to construct affordable homes for those in need.

In addition, we will be able to make our home-ownership program better. This program is one of the most important parts of our organization because it shows our applicants how to be responsible as first-time homeowners.

Build Relationships With Others.

Our organization is devoted to building houses for partner families who need them. If you give to our cause, you will have the opportunity to grow closer to people who share values similar to your own.

If your way of giving to our organization is through volunteer service, you will have many opportunities to be a part of social circles and have conversations with people who care about the lives of local families, just like you.

Reward Yourself.

Supporting our organization will offer inner satisfaction. You’ll improve your spiritual and emotional health knowing that you are helping people who are less fortunate than you are. Also, you will become more educated on issues related to poverty and housing. By making any of donation, you will grow as individual because you will increase your sense of happiness and learn more about issue regarding social injustice.

What Will Your Donation Do?

  • Change the lives of partner families who are trying to escape poor living conditions.
  • Strengthen our home-ownership program, which all of our applicants must go through to learn how to become responsible homeowners.
  • Expand our ReStore, which is an establishment that provides building materials and furnishings to homeowners and businesses.
  • Keep development costs low if you decide to donate property.
  • Build safe, decent, energy-efficient homes.