Our Families

  • Natzuma_2016

    Family Nzamutuma Family
    Family Members Isaac Nzamutuma & Jacqueline Uwabera

    Emmanuela, 4 years

    Daniella, 4 years

    Ariella, 9 months

    Why Habitat? to live up to their duties as parents by providing a decent home for his family

    “I learned how to shingle a roof on one of the sites, and recently helped a friend put shingles on his home.”

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  • Yoniyo_2016

    Family Yoniyo Family
    Family Members Nema & Emmanuel YoniyoEmmanuela, 4 years

    Renee, 2 years

    Elijah, 6 months

    Why Habitat? to provide stability for their family

    “We are doing well in managing money but we are still trying to perfect our knowledge in the area of good nutrition.”

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  • Dominck

    Terrence Dominick

    Family Terrence Dominick
    Why Habitat? tired of renting and wanted to be a homeowner

    “I have never heard of any organization that is faith based and so willing to assist a potential homeowner with establishing homeownership.”

  • Johnson

    Family Johnson Family
    Family Members TeanikaTreyvon, 12 years
    Why Habitat? unsafe housing conditions, desire for safety for her son

    “I can pass my home down to my son, Treyvon so that he may continue to have a stable home life”.

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  • IMG_6511

    Family Shephard Family
    Family Members Kimberly ShephardTobias, 17 years

    Tavon, 15 years

    Tamaya, 14 years

    Why Habitat? unsafe neighborhood filled with guns and drugs

    Homeownership was always a dream to me, but now that dream has come true for me and my family”.

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  • 010

    Family Lewis Family
    Family Members Alvin & Felicia LewisMartayja, 17

    Travis, 15

    Kamron, 9

    Keinon, 7

    Why Habitat? stability & security for their children

    “We tried other programs but no one would give us a chance”.

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  • Kevin and Martina Hall


    Family Hall Family
    Family Members Kevin & Martina HallKing Hall, 4 years
    Why Habitat? to be good parents to their son and provide a stable environment.

    “We are so excited and feel so blessed to become homeowners.”

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  • Tina Lake

    Family Lake Family
    Family Members Tina LakeTy’Lynn, 12 years

    Ty’Rell, 7 years

    Why Habitat? to be self-sufficient and  learn new skills to pass on to her children.

    “The homeownership program allows me to hold my head up and say to my children, this is our home.”

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